Company "City Autotehnik" Ltd.

was founded in 1999 in Belgrade as an independent privately owned company. The company’s main activity is wholesale of spare parts for vehicles (buses, trucks, binding vehicles, civil and agricultural machinery and lifting trucks). Following the market needs and requirements we have broadened our activity to sale of tires, oils, lubricants, as well as tools, equipment and accessories for motor vehicles. We are the certified distributers of original spare parts of leading domestic and world manufacturers. The parts are original and are used for the first installation in the majority of vehicle manufacturers: MERCEDES BENZ, MAN, DAF, VOLVO, SCANIA, IVECO, FAP, TAM, RABA, IKARBUS, SANOS, NEOBUS, SETRA, NEOPLAN, ZASTAVA, IMK 14. OKTOBAR, IMT, IMR, GOŠA, UTVA, POBEDA, LITOSTROJ etc. We have qualified staff, modern programmes, great stock of spare parts, our own vehicle fleet for fast delivery and competence to fulfil all your requirements in every single moment. We succeed to retain our reputation of a reliable business partner for spare parts wholesale by using our knowledge, professionalism, professional relations, quality, competitive price and fast delivery. We can provide you with the industrial repair of aggregates (turbines, visco fans, water pumps, pneumatics and hydraulics, and brake jaws). The repair is done by the manufacturers of parts who give the same guarantee as for the new parts. Also we can provide you with manufacturing of parts (gears, shafts, flanges, bevel and plate gears, and other particular parts) according to model or technical drawing. The advantage of doing business with us is reflected in quality, high rate of available parts, competitive prices, fast delivery, possibility of deferred paying and transparent business. We respect our competition and regard them as partners in the same business. Our strategic goal is permanent business quality improvement and satisfaction of our customers. As an evidence of that, quality management system (QMS) has been established for spare parts wholesale, equipment and accessories for motor vehicles, according to the requirements of SRPS ISO 9001:2008 standard. Our business is directed toward the suppliers which also have introduced quality management systems. Also, our business is aligned with the national law requirements in the field of environmental protection and safety and health care. We continuously develop cooperation and strategic partnership with the leading public, communal, transport, civil and other companies which have recognized us as a reliable business partner. By being a professional and reliable supplier, we make your business safer, more economic and simpler. Our business motto is QUALITY - CONFIDENCE - TRADITION.


  • Providing the market with high quality spare parts at the most competitive market prices
  • Constant tracking of market demands and requirements and fast reaction to changes in it
  • Keeping quality and long-term business and partner relationships, both with customers and suppliers
  • Focus on partners and customers includes developing their trust which we achieve by absolute execution of taken obligations
  • We are dedicated to professional performing of business tasks, according with the established mission and quality policy as a socially responsible, profitable and market oriented company
  • Assortment expanding and raising the level of service quality, as well as adoption of new knowledge

  • To be the leader in the wholesale of spare parts, equipment and tools for commercial vehicles and mechanization.

  • Legality and business ethics
  • Responsibility, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Competence, professionalism and confidence
  • Transparency and communication
  • Incitement of innovation, creativity and improvement
  • Dedication to quality, customers and principles
  • Market recognition and respectability
  • Adaptability and flexibility in business
  • Environment security care
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